Mashed Potatoes

July 19, 2007

Made some mash potatoes two days ago for dinner, forgot the gravy, so I had just mash and some potato skins.

3 russet potatoes
Cup of milk
Salt/Pepper to taste

Serves: 2 for dinner (if nothing but mash, otherwise serves 4)

a. Most important preparation step: clean potato before skinning.

1. Skin potatoes. If you want to fry them, put the strips you want aside and throw the rest.

2. Quarter/Eights the potatoes after skinning. Put into pot with enough cold water to cover the potatoes.

3. Sprinkle some salt, then set the pot to boil for about 10-15 minutes, or till soft that you can pierce with fork.

4. While waiting for taters to boil, either take a quick shower or get out a frying pan and melt some butter.

5. Toss in tater skins on slow to medium fire. Stir till crispy.

6. Once ready, add some sauce/condiments. Skins can taste a lil burnt/crispy. Else set aside to be eaten with taters.

7. Check on boiling taters. If soft, take out and drain. DO NOT WASH/RINSE.

8. In a large bowl, put taters and add some butter and milk to taste. If you wish, add some chives now too.

9. MASH taters with fork/spoon/two hands (though the last might burn the skin off your hands). If needed, add more milk for fluffier and smoother consistency.

10. Eat with skins.

It’s actually easy, but it looks long. :3


Testing, testing

February 10, 2006

Now let’s see whether or not I get indigestion from making my own pasta, adding liberal amounts of water to the Prego sauce and forgoing the cheese completely.

OMG! I forgot to wash the plates! Be right back! XDXD

Edit: It’s now 7.17pm. I’m still alright. Eating the same thing for dinner. Woot!

Someone try this out and tell me it wasn’t a fluke:

About half a large bowl of baby potatoes (scrubbed)
One egg white
About a handful and a half of sliced mushrooms, preferably button (not sure if the other works)
Salt, pepper (if you must) and honey to taste
Olive oil
3 small garlic (too big and it spoils it)

Mince the garlic to the smallest possible size without actually beating them into a pulp. Put in a small bowl.

Pour enough olive oil over the garlic just so it has a smooth surface. Set aside.

Wash mushrooms if needed, and squeeze out as much water as possible. One that is done, throw them into the bowl.

Crack an egg, but don’t open it completely. Let the egg white fall over the mixture.

Get a fork and start whipping everything together. Do this until there is a smooth consistency and everything seems to have blended well.

Add pinch of salt and about half a teaspoon of honey and keep whipping. When it’s done, put it aside.

Take the honey and drizzle over the potatoes in the bowl. You may now lick the spoon.

Pour mixture over potatoes and mix well. Cover with cling film and put it in the microwave on HIGH for about six minutes. Be sure to leave a small hole for air to escape. Stir from time to time.

Get a large skillet, and wait for the popping sounds. Once you hear two pops, stop the microwave, take out the bowl, and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Heat up the skillet, but DON’T put anything inside.

Pour mushroom and potatoes into skillet. Let it simmer for a while. Pour a small (and I mean small! The base of the cup should be smaller than your palm) cup of water and close the lid. Lower the fire to mid-small.

When the water is boiling, lift cover, allow the steam to escape, and then hit it on high for thirty to 45 seconds, no longer. Make sure that there’s space for the moisture to escape, we don’t want them in the mixture.

Once you hear sizzling, lower the fire to low, and stir a little. Poke potatoes with fork to ensure that it’s cooked (they should be soft). Simmer till water evaporates.

Take out and serve.

If it’s done right, the potatoes should be just right and the mushrooms should be juicy, sweet and a little toasted.

Enjoy! 🙂