I’m feeling morbid, so this will be a quick will.

If anything should happen to me, my younger cousins will have first pick of my possessions in the room.

After that, my friends. This includes, but is not limited to, college and primary school friends.

Then, the CF-ers from the chan.

After that, if there are any books left, donate to the library.



Mother and Nick. Nick cause at least I know he won’t screw up. Mom cause she’s the legal guardian (*bleh)

– Give back my grandmother what she is owed (her money’s in my ASB)
– The rest: A third to sponsor CF, another to Bloggers taking part in the Blogathon, and the last for investment so that the first two don’t run out


JuuFan and DaddyG (aka ElderG)- The CF-ers have third pick dear, but you know who’s close to me in the chan and who’s not. I trust your judgement. BTW, Please include Aiko and Shun as well. I love those two to bits. And make sure Deru has had no sugar. I would hate to be responsible for her crack. ^_^

Leo and Shaun- A lot of the people in the Cafe used to go to my dad’s place and we were close. They can have a look at my stuff too. This is Fourth Pick.

Vivian and Bee- You guys know my college circles. I’m leaving you guys in charge of organizing my college friends to come and collect. You guys organize the second pick people.

Tiara, Viv, Bee, Ade, Lin, Leo, Shaun, Juu, Daddy, Phil, Sam, Barb, Fef/Stephanie S., and now, Raz, you guys get first pick (after my cousins). Kyle, you too. Though I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.

Yi Liang, Nick (Please work together) and Messner. You guys knew my school friends. I’m leaving the second Half of Second pick to you guys. And yes, I mean the Juniors as well.

So… First pick:

All those in charge of the sections

Second pick: School friends

Third Pick: CF-ers and my various adopted family, also my working mates.

Fourth Pick: People in the cafe who knew my family and who could name my dad’s cafe. Or at least the area where I stay. Also bloggers. Among them Edrei, Yvonne, and Emilie Yuan.

That’s all, I think. No fighting please!

Edit 1: Kyle, I’m putting you in charge of informing the LJ comm with Ti. ^_^


6 Responses to “Will”

  1. Nick said

    OK…. when did this appear?

  2. About two months ago?

  3. pickleshane said

    Wow, this is the first time i’ve seen a will on a blog. Neat idea! 🙂

  4. I just noticed this…how could I have missed this??!

    Reading this gave me a bit of a chill…and now, I am thinking of putting one up on my blog too…

  5. hey everyone! i want to be your friends. be my friend first and you can have all of my stuff. im gonna off myself on tuesday anyway. no reason to live, and noone to give it to.


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