Naoko Kensaku @ Alexis Romanov
21 years old
Auburn–hair, shoulder length, slightly wavy
Deep brown eyes
Most instinctive fighter of the three. Fights with Kurei most of the time.
Rank in Alin’sa: Rikan, Vice Priestess, Head of Military Action and Intelligence
a) Summoning Shikigamis
    Naoko is able to summon Family Protector Spirits, but rarely does as it takes too much of her power. Controlling Sentient Spirits takes a lot of energy she cannot afford to waste. Protecting Sukina comes first.
b) Healing- Minor, can only heal people she has a strong emotional connection and trust for, such as Sukina and Kurei. Even then it’s temporary.
c) Fighting abilities:

   i) Rosé- Considered by many in their world to be the Fighting style made for and by Prostitutes, it emphasises attractiveness to males at the subconscious level. Emphasises speed in combat, with momentum to add power to the attacks.
  ii) Thief/Assassin- Long ranger over short.
 iii)  Preferred weapons: Daggers, Kunais,spear, whip. Often uses the whip with the dagger, sort of like someone in Street Fighter I can’t remember.


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