18 years old
Blond hair, three plaits above each ear, pulled back and held by a red rose (live rose)
Sapphire Blue Eyes, penetrating
Quiet, shy, intelligent.
Youngest of the three.

Alin’sa Rank: Miakan, Head of the Alin’sa, Chief Priestess

a) Healing through chi

– Healing battle wounds

– Killing pain

– Changing the blood type from a donor to receiver (from Blood Type A- donator to AB –Receiver) Normal donators are Naoko and Kurei, as she’s more familiar with their bodies’ chemistries)

b) Fighter- Defensive

-Creates Chi Sword if neccessary. Duration: Anywhere from 3 hours to 25 minutes, depending on the intensity of the fight

– Chi Shield- Her speciality. Can create a chi shield to stop any magical/ physical attacks. Duration Unlimited. Range: 15 metres (Creating a circular protective globe to protect her siblings with her in the center) *Note about shield: She cannot create the shield and heal at the same time, but she can pass the shield to her sister if needed.

– Speed running. Long-range and only used in desperate times to retrieve her siblings. More correct term would be instataneous transportation, but it’s a misnomer. Leaves her vulnerable for 5 seconds before her own personal shield returns (in other words she uses all her chi in that one moment)

c) Partial Seer

-Able to chart out partial futures after performing an exhausting ritual. Not allowed to do so by siblings.


One Response to “Sukina Toriyama”

  1. Do you have any pictures of the chi sword?

    Geminianeyes: Unfortunately I don’t. It’s a translucent sword that’s able to change its shape to whatever it wishes to be.

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