Bear in mind that this is part of the beginning. I’ll format the rest and put them up later. Thank you!!

The streets were deserted this late at night. The only sounds the woman could hear were the sounds of her footsteps as she ran and her breath coming jaggedly through her mouth. She had no idea of where she was running, only that she had to. The danger was behind her, but she could not rest. There was no sanctuary for the hunted.

“For every chance they took, they closed another door forever. For every tear shed, they made another of their own happy. For every child born, they destroyed a life that would threaten that child. For every action, there was an opposite and equal reaction,? the Goddess tossed a pebble into the meditating pool.

She stumbled, but caught herself at the last moment. The trashbags muffled whatever sound she had made stumbling, but it was hard to avoid them. She could not evade what she could not see. Moving, she suddenly ducked her head to her left. An arrow whizzed past her right ear.

“Do they know this?? the acolyte asked.

“More than anyone else. They have been at this for hundred of generations, for millennia. They have never shirked their duties, though there has been times that they have nearly released their burdens. These children do not have easy lives to live.?

They were getting close, she knew it. As she turned a corner, she saw a confluence of lights up ahead. She had only a split second to make her decision. Should she seek shelter in a crowd and draw the stares of the people for her dress, or should she stay in the darkness and hope to escape the hunters?

“What kind of human would choose such a path??

The Goddess rapped the acolyte smartly on the head for the answer.

She was closer to the light now. It was only a few more metres away.

“You’re making assumptions again. What makes you think that these children are human? That they are mortal is something we cannot deny.?

She chose to run towards the light. Better to have them laugh and her dignity offended than her honour intact but her life not.

“The Prophecies say that they are human. That they are born of the Lord Adam the Fallen and Lady Eve the Temptress. They are the ones who have brought untold misery and destruction upon themselves because their curiosity would be their downfall. It will take them unknown aeons to reach that state, but because of their curiosity, they would be the perfect home for the fulfillers of prophecies. They would be hidden and at the same time revealed, because the planet would protect those who would attack from the atmosphere, the Gods from the other Divinity, and the people, who might ridicule them for being different and revealing who they are, would still protect them from those who might get past all the other defences.?

As she burst into the light, she realised that she had actually ran into a long line of shophouses. She recognised the building types immediately, though she did not recognise the place itself.

“Very good. What else??

The acolyte looked puzzled for a moment. Her dark brows were furrowed in puzzlement, and she cocked her head to one side, trying to understand what the Goddess. “There is nothing more to understand, my Lady. There is nothing more mentioned in the prophecies.?

She sent a silent prayer to Karma and Lady Chance for bringing her here. There was a chance that the hunters would not catch her now. If only she could escape…

“That’s what you think,? she rapped the acolyte’s head harder. “These children have had practice, not only through life, but also through genes. They have become more than what the prophecies could have ever predicted, if the prophesies were accurate in the first place,? the Goddess leaned back and smiled at the acolyte, who was horrified.

“You mean that…??

“If we put all the clues out in the open, it wouldn’t be very safe for them now, would it?? the Goddess was purring like a cat.


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