(Note that this is a writing exercise. No comments till I say you can!)

Everyone scattered when the rain came. They were running up the stairs, holding on to each other if they could, and moving faster than most. One young woman did nothing of the sort. She walked down the stairs slowly, letting the small raindrops splash against her face, walking slowly down the stairs. Holding the book and the paper close to her chest so that those at least would not get wet, she took her time and enjoyed watching the rain fall from the sky. The others passed her on the staircase looked at her as though she was crazy, but she ignored them.

After a few seconds, she turned back and continued walking. It was a rather cold day, even with the sweater she had on, and she was glad for it. There was something comforting about knowing that the Universe thought the death of a woman few knew up close, but knew from afar was worth crying about.

Looking up into the sky, all she saw was grey clouds. Just grey, with the tears falling from the sky. Tears were such a precious thing. Closing her eyes as the image formed in her mind, she was taken back in time, when innoncence was the ruler of the day, and there was no such thing as ‘bad’ people in her world.


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